Escape to St. Lucia!

Volcanoes, rain forests, and world-class diving? Here's why St. Lucia is the ultimate destination for romance and adventure...


St. Lucia presents visitors with more than just pretty beaches. In fact, here are some other reasons to visit this dreamy destination:

The Landscapes - The Pitons are two volcanic plugs covered in lush greenery, soaring between 2,400 and 2,600 feet high - making it one of the most iconic landscapes in the Caribbean.

The Adventures - Because St. Lucia is made up of numerous fishing villages, it's the perfect opportunity to explore the area's abundant marine life through world-class diving, underwater volcanoes, shipwrecks, and more.

The Romance - As one of the most romantic places in the world, St. Lucia has become a huge draw for couples. Aside from soaking in the area's natural beauty, visitors can choose from an array of romantic boutique hotels and romantic outings - from waterfalls and a national rain forest, to the botanical gardens.


Jade Mountain - Jade Mountain Resort’s bold architectural design, custom accents, and art pieces represent its philosophy of building a property in harmony within the Caribbean setting of St. Lucia. Details like rugged-stoned faced columns, grand entryways, and an open 3-wall concept make it a truly unique resort experience. Ideal for honeymoons, anniversary trips, and intimate getaways!

Sugar Beach - Nestled in over 100 acres of lush rainforest on an 18th-century sugar plantation and UNESCO World Heritage site, lies Sugar Beach St. Lucia. Enjoy the vibrant-colored landscapes and stunning views of the Pitons right from your very own plunge pool, or take a stroll down to the white-sand beach for a closer look. Ranked among one of the top 50 resorts in the Caribbean!

Royalton St. Lucia - Its modern facilities, culture-rich details, and gourmet cuisine make Royalton St. Lucia one unforgettable escape. Ideal for travelers of all ages, this property has designated sections for families and kids, including a private section for the adults. Sounds like the perfect escape for just about anyone!

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